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Thursday's Healthy Recipe

Greek Salad with Dakos

We all know Greek salad and enjoy in restaurants this fresh and flavourful veggies mix.

In eastern Crete the addition to the salad is the "dakos"- a bread husk made with barley, carob flour. You can bake yourself( DM for the recipe) or purchase from the nearest Greek food store.


Summer tomatoes


Onions( I marinate mine for milder flavour with vinegar, oil, sugar and sumac, ca. 30 min ahead or the night before)

Bell pepper optional

Mixed Greek olives

Apple cider vinegar

Olive oil

Mixed herbs( oregano, thyme, parsley)

Original Feta cheese (goat& sheep milk)

1 Dakos broken in chunks

Big pinch of love

Wash, chop the veggies, cut the cheese in cubes, break the dakos in bite sized chunks, make sure all ingredients are in the salad bowl, give your salad a lovely toss and mix

Enjoy alone or with a friend play latest Greek music mix

Bon Appetite

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