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Change Your Life With Dessi

Holistic therapies

Dessi provides a range of therapies worldwide

A range of therapies

My approach is designed to help you grow

What does change your life with Dessi represent? It's a one-stop hub for those looking for a bespoke holistic approach towards better life. Why holistic? Because its with the reference of the physical body and mind as whole interconnected system, looking into restoring balance without negative side effects. 

I offer a wide range of complementary and holistic therapies that have helped a great many clients over the years. I am dedicated to helping my clients heal, grow and thrive, transforming their own lives in extraordinary ways. From meditation and electrical acupuncture to empowerment workshops, it’s my job to help you live the life you deserve. Please contact my London office or to book an appointment online.


Some of the workshops I offer:


  • Boost your confidence

  • Improve your communication skills

  • Find balance between work and motherhood

  • Sound healing and meditation

  • Jin Shin Jyutsu for self-help

  • Learn how to rebalance your health

  • Smoking cessation

  • Create healthy eating habits

  • Yoga and Sound Healing for the office, etc.

Indigo biofeedback therapy

It is non invasive therapy session, in which the device scans and reads body parameters pointing at where the body is out of balance. Using electrical acupuncture points on the meridians are stimulated to create a de-stress scenario, and listening to the solfeggio waves, your brain receives extra relaxation as audio therapy. Simultaneously the indigo clears the aura and realigns the chakras. Indigo can work on 11,000 subtle reactions your body displays.

NLP coaching


By changing the way you speak (linguistic), you change the way you think (rewire pathways in the brain), create new desired behaviour (reprogramme) in your life. 

E.g. boost your confidence, manage your weight, make a digital detox to create more time for living happier real life.  


How can sessions with me be of benefit for you? 

When we are opting to conceive, often huge amounts of stress are accumulated in each of the partners in the couple, which might prolong the time before our efforts come to fruition. By using very individualised combination of Indigo Biofeedback, Coaching and hypnotherapy will set the base for de-stressing and creating the right path towards conception, we will remove any mental obstacles created by fear, or uncertainty by seeing the big picture and creating the relaxed calm mental state preparing the couple. Indigo biofeedback will stimulate balanced hormonal levels, which will give indication of recommended foods looking into past traumas, to neutralise their impact for the future. Add-ons include couples yoga, sound journey, flower essences, EFT tapping, and Jin shin Jyutsu for self-help.

Reiki /  Jin Shin Jyutsu

Who can benefit from an energy healing?

Literally anybody, from babies to elderly, including pets.


Both are Japanese energy healing therapies. By gentle touch applied upon the specific places on the body, a balance is stimulated, blockages are released, relaxation is instilled.

Both physical and emotional issues can be dealt with, as the body is a unity of our physical and energetic field/ aura.

What is the right time to receive a session? Obviously, in time of being unwell.


Yoga is a 5000 years honoured form of creating unity between body and mind by combining physical exercise/asana, breathing and meditation. Proven Yoga can work wonders...

I offer hatha yoga, hatha-flow yoga, yin yoga, pre-natal yoga, mother and baby yoga, and chair yoga classes.

Nutrition for wellbeing, is it the right choice for you?

Food is a joy, a source to replenish the body's energy, and a social thing as well.

Wellbeing is that state in which we feel good, healthy and happy, how can food help here? Eating balanced meals at the right times will prevent spikes and drops in sugar level, will help to stay focused and energetic. Going on a diet might not be the right approach for you, but creating a customised healthy meal plan with food of your choice will make you stick to it and enjoy it, whether in the workplace or at home. I offer recipes that are easy to prepare including cookies and treats. We live one time, correct?

Sound therapy

When you receive a sound healing session, the Tibetan bowls and the gong I use help your mind and body relax from the state of alertness to deep relaxation. 

You feel as if your cells are lighter and almost dancing within you. Why is that? 

Our body is to more than 70% water and when sound is created the cells vibrate to the frequency of the bowls or gong which creates a release of stress or muscular pain. 


I can help

I provide therapies designed to offer help with:

  • Weight management

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Stress and mindfulness

  • Fears and phobias

  • Nutrition for wellness

  • Chakra balance

  • Distress management

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